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Some Testimonies from our customers:

Description Of Work:

I had a bathroom shower enclosure tiled, glass block window sealed, expoxied tub, installation of a new a ceiling fan and installation of a new toliet.

Rob and Kathy were great to work with from the beginning. I called and they instantly scheduled an estimate that corresponded with my schedule. Rob told me exactly what materials to purchase and even stopped by my home the day before he was scheduled to begin work to ensure I had enough materials to get the job done. I trusted Rob, Greg, and Kathy with a key to my house to come and go, as I was out of town during the renovation. When I returned home, the work (as promised) was complete. My house was clean and organized; however, what impressed me the most was the quality of work I received and the attention to detail. Once Rob began working, he found mistakes from the last renovation job. Rob took the time to correct those mistakes. He did a great job of keeping me abreast on the progress of the project and took extra time, time he could have worked on another project, to do the job RIGHT. Knowing I wasn't home, Rob even stopped by my house after the job was complete to ensure the expoy smell was contained and drying as it should. Rob's well-versed knowledge of plumbing, electrical, and carpentry mixed with his "perfectionist" ways, gave my bathroom a beautiful new face-lift. I was impressed with Rob's responsiveness and his attention to detail. He is kind, honest, and extremely passionate about what he does! I would definitely hire Perfectionist Carpentry in the future because they went above and beyond to ensure I was happy with their work. I was incredibly impressed!

Sherry S

Description Of Work:

Complete bathroom renovation. Built all-new shower with bench and soap shelf. Built surround for new jetted bath tub. Built new closet with shelves. Tiled floor, walls, and baseboard. Installed new window. Installed vanity, light fixtures, and toilet. Electrical, plumbing, painting, and drywall work as needed.

We keep coming back to Perfectionist Carpentry because they consistently exceed our expectations. Rob and his co-workers workmanship was impeccable. They were on time every day, always cleaned up before they left, and worked extra hours to get the job completed on time. Rob did things the "right way" at every phase of the project and has an attention to detail that I appreciate. For example, he re-worked our plumbing so that we would have better pressure and drainage (even though he didn't have to). He also anchored our new shower wall to the floor joists instead of requiring a unsightly bar to stabilize the wall. Rob was also very understanding when we decided to make minor changes during the course of the project. The end result was a new master bathroom that my wife and I are absolutely thrilled with!

Jay R.

My wife and I wanted to makeover our downstairs flooring and kitchen area. We decided to go with hardwood flooring. I also wanted to update our cabinetry in the kitchen and decided to have our current cabinets refinished, installed new decorative molding and new hardware. We refurbished all three of our bathrooms by installing new porcelain tile, toilets and fresh paint. There were some pre-existing plumbing problems that we did not realize was occurring within the walls of the bathrooms that were repaired. As construction was being conducted there were other items that I realized that needed to be completed and Perfectionist Carpentry had no problem catering to my needs. We also had Perfectionist Carpentry install new shutters on the exterior of our brick home, a new keystone and exterior front door. My wife and I were extremely pleased with the job, pricing and professionalism that Perfectionist Carpentry provided.

Shawn J.

Renovation of 3rd floor bathroom (including expansion of shower area) and including shower, sink, and toilet hook-up. Tile entire shower and toilet and included back splash behind sink. Re-flooring (using Pergo Laminate wood) and re-insulating bedroom area. Addition of closet to an attached to bedroom (from previous unused attic space). Finally, installation of glass blocks to basement windows 

I had used Perfectionist Carpentry in the past when I updated one of my rental properties and was so impressed that when it came time for me to focus on my own personal home improvement projects I knew I would be calling on Rob and Kathy. Rob and Kathy met with me to discuss what I wanted in my bathroom and bedroom renovation project and to see what my own personal style and vision was for the space I wanted renovated. The estimates provided were very detailed so you know exactly what you are paying and there are no surprises at the end. Rob had noticed the the insulation was not properly installed in the attic area which left the room hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. As part of the renovation, he asked if I would like to have that re-done to help with the heating and cooling issues. I can already tell a huge difference since the insulation has been installed. For the bathroom, he extended plumbing to an adjacent room and installed to double vanities along with tile back splash. He also successfully knocked out several walls to widen my shower space and installed two double headed shower fixtures (one being a spa shower unit that is wall mounted). In the bedroom area, the carpet was ripped up and hauled away and laminate flooring was installed. I am extremely happy with the outcome in that the room looks larger and not as duty (which will help with allergies). There was a space off of the bedroom that was an unfinished attic area that was not being used. Rob and his crew framed and hung drywall into this area so that it is now a functional closet. A door was also hung in this narrow entrance that works out perfectly. The final project consisted of updating all my basement windows (in a 100 year old house) with glass block. This has improved the look of the house from the outside as well as add a sense of safety to the home. I am so pleased with their work. They actually listen to what you want, will offer advice if there is a problem/glitch and work with you to a solution to make sure you end up with what you ultimately want. This is great for someone that is not a professional. So far Perfectionist Carpentry (including Rob and Kathy (and crew) exceed my expectations and I am already saving up so I can use them in the future on another bathroom update...hopefully next summer.

Darin R.

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